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Types of Benches
Building & Renovation | Interior Design

Types of Benches – Practical Informal Seating Options

Imagine for a moment, sitting at the sea on a beautiful park bench, watching the majestic sunset as the sun says goodbye to yet another day, the last thing that comes to mind is the type of bench you are sitting on and thinking about the day that has just finished and the day that…

Standard Shower Pan Sizes
Building & Renovation

Standard Shower Pan Sizes – A Guide to Shower Tray Dimensions

Whilst standing in a shower, we can bet that the thought of the various standard shower pan sizes has never crossed your mind. Typically, those with a shower, stand on a shower pan every day but usually no attention is paid to it. Thinking about standard shower pan sizes is a topic of discussion when…

What Colors Go with a Gray Sofa
Interior Design

What Colors Go With a Gray Sofa? – Decorating for Gray Furniture

Whether you are considering purchasing a charcoal gray sofa or a lighter hue of gray, you will soon learn that gray matches up with almost any other color. As we discuss all the trendy colors that go with a gray sofa, we hope you will be more comfortable making informed decisions as we talk about…

Towel Bar Height
Building & Renovation

Towel Bar Height – Bathroom Fittings Ergonomics

Have you ever used a bathroom, washed your hands after (hopefully), and when you wanted to dry them, something just felt off? You couldn’t quite put your finger on it, but the way you used the towel felt unnatural. This is where ergonomics comes in. There is a standard size and height for things to…

Industrial Interior Design
Interior Design

Industrial Interior Design – The Hallmarks of Industrial Style

Industrial interior design has taken on many different meanings over the years. At one point it was a design style that existed out of necessity, whereas now it is simply a style choice that some prefer to other styles. Love it or hate it, industrial design is here to stay. There are many ways to…

Scandinavian Interior Design
Interior Design

Scandinavian Interior Design – The Core Features of Scandi Style

Scandinavian interior design is a term frequently used by interior designers. It refers to an extremely popular design style that has been around since the 1930s and gained a lot of popularity during the 1950s. Terms like minimalism, freshness, light, and functionality come to mind when thinking of Scandinavian home design. Below, we are going…

Standard Curtain Lengths
Interior Design

Standard Curtain Lengths – Best Dimensions for Drapes

For a long time, curtains have been the most favorable of window treatments. Curtains are timeless, especially when taken into consideration that they have been around since the 15th century and are very popular to this day. Curtains have a way of placing that finishing touch on an interior and pulling the entire space together….

What Colors Go With Maroon
Art | Interior Design

What Colors Go With Maroon? – Make the Most of Deep Brown Reds

Maroon is a color that can sometimes be mistaken for brown, as it is a darker shade of red. When used for interior design, the color has become quite popular as it can work in practically every room in the home. However, what colors go with maroon? To find out, read on about how you…

Shiplap Ceiling Ideas
Building & Renovation

Shiplap Ceiling Ideas – Creative Tongue-and-Groove Designs

Most of us only think about our ceilings when the water heater bursts or when the paint starts to peel, which is strange considering that it’s one of the most consistent and hard-working parts of our home. Ceilings protect us from the elements and if you have an attic, house all of our Christmas decorations…

What Colors Go with Orange
Interior Design

What Colors Go With Orange? – Color Schemes That Feature Orange

What came first, the fruit or the color? We might not be able to answer this, but we can help you consider this seemingly daunting color as a very viable interior design option. Orange is the color of autumn, citrus, Indian spices, and African sunsets. Orange may not be the first color you gravitate towards…

Types of Screws
Building & Renovation

Types of Screws – Our Very Comprehensive Guide to Fasteners

While glues and adhesives have come a long way since their inception, sometimes you need something a little bit more solid to hold your workpiece together. This is where fasteners come into play. Fasteners are characterized as anything that allows you to close or secure something in a semi-permanent manner. This being said, fasteners are…

Standard Wall Thickness
Building & Renovation

Standard Wall Thickness – Interior and Exterior Wall Specifications

Today’s fast-paced lifestyle makes it really easy to forget that there are things around us that keep us safe, Things that work around the clock to ensure that we are insulated from the freezing cold and the blistering heat. One of these things is drywall, the composite material designed to keep you safe both at…

What Colors Go with Gray
Interior Design

What Colors Go With Gray? – How to Pair Colors with Neutrals

Since gray is one of your neutral colors, it is quite popular and versatile when used for decorating a home. Gray can easily blend into the background and is suitable for most design styles. However, gray does need something to make it more interesting and this is where colors that go with gray can come…

Plywood Sheet Sizes
Building & Renovation

Plywood Sheet Sizes – Standard Sizes, Thicknesses, and Grades

Plywood has become a huge part of all our lives. It doesn’t really matter where you live; the majority of the world has plywood present in their daily lives, but in the US, the use of this material has become ever more present since it became readily available. How popular is plywood in our lives…

What Colors Go with Red
Interior Design

What Colors Go With Red? – How to Decorate with the Color Red

Red may seem a difficult color to work with when it comes to interior design, but if it is done properly, you can create a rich and energizing environment. Not only are there many shades of red, but there are also some amazing colors that go with red to help make a space less overwhelming….

What Colors Go with Purple
Interior Design

What Colors Go With Purple? – How to Showcase Shades of Purple

Purple might not be the first color you consider when decorating your home, as it may seem to be challenging to work with. However, many colors go with purple, and it is quite a versatile color. Depending on what shade of purple you choose, it can transform a room into something inviting and exceptional.  …

Types of Measuring Tools
Building & Renovation

Types of Measuring Tools – Equipment for Taking Measurements

We all love things, don’t we? We love things that we can buy, things that we can sleep inside of, things that we can eat out of, and even things that we can use to keep other things inside of! These things are often geometric structures made of raw materials that we have harvested, processed,…

What Colors go with Brown
Interior Design

What Colors Go With Brown? – Exploring Brown Complementary Colors

Brown is not exactly the first color people jump to when thinking of their favorite color, as it is considered to be dull or unappealing. However, it is popular in color schemes and interior designs, and when combined with brown complementary colors, it can bring a new sense of energy to a room. There are…

What Colors go With Green
Interior Design

What Colors Go With Green – Exploring Green Complementary Colors

Green is a favorite color for many people. Green can be used successfully in all areas of life from fashion and web design to interior design. When making choices about colors, you have to also consider colors that go well with green. What would look pleasing when paired with green in your home, and how…

What Color Goes with Yellow
Interior Design

What Color Goes With Yellow? – The Best Color Combination for Yellow

Yellow may not be the first choice you jump to when deciding on a color scheme for your home. However, it is a wonderfully happy and warm color to bring into a color scheme. You do not have to go all out and paint an entire room with yellow, rather start by adding simple pops…