Kitchen Color Ideas

Kitchen Color Ideas – Best Color Schemes for Kitchens

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The kitchen is a room in the house that you can spend a lot of time in, and you want it to be a space that you love being in. Choosing the proper kitchen color schemes can go a long way in helping the room feel inviting. Everyone has their tastes, so choosing kitchen colors may seem a daunting task as there are so many ideas. So, we have created a list of kitchen color ideas that will help you in choosing the colors that you love the most.



What Are Good Colors for Kitchen Spaces?

Color schemes for kitchens are diverse and you can use many different colors to create a personal look. However, some ideas have been tried and tested. An easy color would be gray, which is quite useful. Many gray undertones can lean towards warm or cold. Gray paint tones also work wonderfully as a matte or gloss finish. You can even effectively create a distressed look, for a more rustic design.

Gray Kitchens Can Be Modern or Rustic

Colors can be used as a fantastic design tool, which can ultimately affect the mood. The best approach is to use bolder colors sparingly and in clearly marked areas, to bring attention to specific spaces. Doing it this way uses colors for a purpose and you are not just randomly applying colors that might not work.

Use Kitchen Colors Intentionally

You can try out various shades of each color or use brighter colors as accents to a neutral background. However, if you are going to choose brighter colors, you may want to consider adding this to elements that can easily be changed. For example, you could use these colors in chairs, shelves, lampshades, or accessories like a kettle, which are easier to change when and if you want to.

Introduce Kitchen Color with Accessories

As with any color scheme, a kitchen color palette can also benefit from having more than one color. Choosing the main color and then another second or third color tone can help to balance out the design and significantly change the look. Two colors are easier to work with, and any more than three can begin to get a bit more challenging. Two complementary colors usually work well together and form a nice contrast when placed alongside each other, yet they can also create a more calming space than if you placed two random bold colors next to each other.

Aqua Kitchen with Red Accents

A popular color for the kitchen for this year is shades of green, however, blue is not far behind. Another classic color that never goes out of fashion is white, which is extremely versatile and goes with any color. We have already mentioned gray, but when using this color, it is also important to take note of lighting. This is because darker shades of gray can absorb light, which can create a smaller room effect. You can overcome this by combining darker colors You can choose dark colors on cabinets lower down, and then use white or a lighter color on the worktop. The lighter worktop will then create a lighter interior with darker colors.

Dark Cabinets Contrasted with Light Counter

Even if you read and research various modern kitchen colors, the final choice is still a personal one. So, try to choose colors that will be popular for at least a few years, and ultimately, the color choices should be something that you enjoy. Gaining some knowledge of color theory can help make the best choices. For example, choosing cooler colors like blue and green can create a space that is more relaxing, while colors like red or yellow will energize the room more.

Color Will Determine the Kitchen Mood

There are many options where you can add color in the kitchen, from appliances, and window frames, to the cabinets, tabletops, chairs, floors, and walls. Painting a wall is also an easy way to bring in colors, as you can repaint if you become bored with a specific color. This can become more difficult if the wall has been tiled in a specific color. A more popular option would be a kitchen backsplash, which comes in a variety of colors, designs, and materials. A peel and stick option can easily be installed and removed.


More Kitchen Design Color Ideas

To make a kitchen appear larger, it is best to use lighter colors. However, if you have a small kitchen, it does pose a more challenging opportunity to introduce more colors. So, try to use a pop of color here and there where possible, or maybe consider using pastel color shades. If you do not want to go too bright, these are a perfect alternative to bring in some color besides neutrals.

How to Use Color in a Small Kitchen

When it comes to kitchen paint ideas, you can go for a matte or gloss finish, however, a high-gloss paint will help to reflect light a bit more. These paints may show off fingerprints and other greasy marks, so if you do not like that, a matte finish might be best. These do not have to be cleaned as often and they soften the color slightly. If the kitchen does not get any natural light, it can tend to be a bit chilly, so using cool colors might not be a good idea. Below are a few recommended trendy kitchen color ideas if you prefer softer, relaxed, and muted colors.

Shade Hex CodeCMYK Code (%)RGB Color CodeColor
Hummus#eed7b40, 10, 24, 7238, 215, 180
Jojoba#b0b9a85, 0, 9, 27176, 185, 168
Spring Stream#98beb320, 0, 6, 25152, 190, 179
Ceramic Beige#edd1ac0, 12, 27, 7237, 209, 172
Silver Bullet#c4c4c40, 0, 0, 23196, 196, 196



Ideas for Kitchen Color Schemes

When choosing a kitchen color palette, the idea is to understand what colors work together and where to place your chosen colors. Try to choose kitchen paint color ideas that reflect work together with the rest of your home. This is especially true if you have an open plan living area and kitchen, you want the entire design to flow into each other. To help you through the process below is a selection of popular kitchen color ideas and below that a few color combination examples.

Harmonize Kitchen Colors with Home


Dark Colors for Kitchens

If you do go for a darker look, these types of kitchen paint ideas do help to cover up any imperfections. This type of kitchen color palette can be quite daring but lends itself to a certain sophistication and drama if done correctly. Bring in various shades of the darker color and use natural elements like wood to add more texture.

Dark Kitchen Color Ideas

Consider choosing warmer, neutrals to go with a dark kitchen. Also, include other elements like brass, which also has a warm tone. This combination can easily add a more glamorous note to a kitchen theme.

You can try black, or if this is too intense, consider a navy blue, or even dark charcoal instead. White and black is also a more traditional and classic color combination. For example, a light and white kitchen background, with darker cabinets, or try a kitchen with navy blue walls with white features.


Bold Colors for Kitchens

Red and orange are colors that can help to energize and stimulate appetite, so are a natural choice when it comes to the kitchen. Although a bold red might be a bit daring, you can introduce the color by using it properly, or more subtly.

Bold Kitchen Color Ideas

Unless you want to go bold all the way, which could become a little overwhelming over time. So, combining the bolder colors with more neutral shades can bring in a more balanced color palette. Some of the more popular red colors are slightly toned down like terracotta or cherry.

Muted shades are best for more traditional kitchens, while bolder color choices suit a more contemporary or bohemian style kitchen. Choosing matte kitchen paint ideas can also help to tone down bold colors, so the color stands out, without being too loud.


Earthy Tones for Kitchens

Earthy tones are a popular choice as they are so versatile and bring in rich and warm tones. This is a great combination with white and can bring in a more dimensional look, instead of a flat white. You can also add other items and materials to bring in more texture and layering of colors.

Earth Tones for Kitchen Colors

When considering earthy tone, it is more than your warm browns and beige colors, it can also include more muted color tones like sage green and other calming neutrals. Monochromatic beige kitchen color schemes are a great choice to go with any existing colors, and most earth tones work well with any color.

If are going to include other more natural elements like wood, you are also going to have to decide if you wish for something with a lighter tone, for example, wicker, or do you want a richer and deeper wood color. Once you have decided on your main colors, you can then build on these colors for kitchens.

There are many ideas when it comes to flooring, you can decide on a wooden floor, or a concrete floor with a vinyl or laminate cover, or you may even want to go with tiles, which are easy to clean and stylish.

Introduce Earth Tones on Counters and Floors

You can paint existing cabinets with your chosen color, which is the first thing you will naturally see when you walk into a kitchen. Try to work from dark to light as you look down, so if you have darker color cabinets, try to have lighter color flooring. Painting can be a challenging job, so getting in a professional painter can help. Some other popular and modern kitchen colors for cabinets include shades of green, blue, and muted grays. If you can install your own cabinets, and you want wood, consider maple or mahogany.

How to Use Earth Tones in Kitchen

Countertops are also important and most kitchens today and marble tops, but there are also concrete and wooden option available. You could also choose something like an epoxy countertop. Most of these options can be made to fit earth-tone kitchen colors. Again, if you go for a lighter countertop, consider darker cabinets beneath.

You can bring in earth tones with accessories, for example, chopping boards, themed cutlery, knife holders, and hand towels. You can also bring in some herbs or plants for an even better earthy theme.


Accent Colors for Kitchens

Accent colors are great if you are going for more neutral kitchen paint color ideas, and you want to add in a little bit of color. Choose your main color, and then pick another one or two accent colors. Most of the space will consist of your main color, while the accent color comes in as more of a focal point. For example, you can paint the kitchen ceiling or a single wall, this brings in more color without overwhelming the space.

Minimalist Kitchen with Vibrant Accent

You could also consider using an accent color on a kitchen island. In addition, using the same color cups and dishes, rugs, and other accessories is an easy way of not only introducing an accent color, but changing it when you decide to create a different mood in your kitchen down the line. Here are some color combinations below. Any of these would make perfect modern kitchen colors.


Classic Kitchen Colors

White is a classic and versatile and popular color for kitchen spaces. White opens up spaces and brings in light and works with all colors. As with all colors, you can also work with shades of white, with different color tones. White is a color that can help bring in a calming feeling, and it makes a space feel clean and elegant.

White Kitchens Remain Popular

As mentioned, pairing white with black or shades of gray is also a classic combination that always works well. These darker and lighter colors also provide contrast. White cabinets are easy to work with and you can adapt your color scheme to whatever you want. However, white can also seem clinical, so to avoid this, pair it with another color and bring in more natural elements like wooden floors or wooden chairs and tables.


Monochromatic Color Schemes for Kitchens

Kitchen paint color ideas that involve a monochromatic theme are quite easy to work with as you do not have to worry about picking colors that will clash. A monochromatic color theme is also quite versatile and is something that should remain in style, which is important if you are someone who likes to follow trends.

Cool Silver Kitchen with Warm Accents

Once you have chosen colors, you can then experiment with the various shades of this color. The subtle differences in tone can help to define the various kitchen elements and spaces. For example, making the floors a lighter shade and the walls darker or vice versa. You can stick to one color or shade, but also bringing various hues of a complementary color can create a more colorful combination.

If you want, you can add in pops of color via kitchen accessories like the towels, or kitchen equipment. For example, if you have chosen a white look, a pop of blue color can add that extra touch of style. Including natural elements like wood can also help to break up the color. This can also be done by adding metal fixtures.

Monochrome Color Ideas for Kitchens


Adding Texture to Kitchen Color Schemes

Once you have decided on the main design elements from colors to appliances and cabinets, you may want to consider adding texture, which can make a subtle, yet effective difference. Adding texture can be a way of including color, but it is mainly to provide depth and more interest. There are many elements you can include within a kitchen design. For example, brick walls, brass, marble or granite, wood, tiles, glass, or even stone. Adding textures brings in additional color and makes the space more exciting.

Texture in Kitchen Color Ideas

Bring in various patterns, for example, patterned tiles are quite popular. Make sure to select a pattern that has color tones similar to your overall color scheme so that it does not clash. You might also want to consider the designs and shapes if they work with what you already have in the kitchen space. Distressed cabinets are another idea to add wonderful texture and it is fairly simple to achieve. Here are a few more simple ideas.

  • Backsplash patterned tiles
  • Bead-board paneling with distinctive groove pattern
  • Incorporate different metals
  • Textured wallpaper
  • Brick walls
  • Applying different painting techniques
  • Textured worksurfaces
  • Consider fabric stools

Tiles Add Color and Texture to Kitchens



Popular Colors for Kitchens

Now you have a basic idea of some kitchen color ideas, here are a few color combinations you might want to consider for your next kitchen makeover. A popular color for kitchen spaces can include a variety of bold or neutral colors.


Green Kitchen Colors

Green is a refreshing color, with a lot of choices and shades available. You can go from warmer greens to cool greens. You can also layer these different shades of green on the cabinets, walls, and kitchen accessories. Green is a flexible color and can even be used as a neutral color, with a more adventurous spirit.

Green Kitchen Color Ideas

Green also works well with most other colors, but if you are a bit wary of using a green color scheme, you can start by simply adding green to the furniture, painting an accent wall, or even more subtly adding it as plant greenery or a kitchen herb garden. A unique idea of adding a green accent is to paint open glass cabinets white or neutral on the outside front, but a shade of green on the inside back wall of the cabinet. There are many green color combinations, some are more popular than others.


Green and Gold

Popular green colors for the kitchen include pistachio, forest green, and sage. As with all colors white is the perfect foundation color for green, either as the main color with green or as an accent color with green. Adding gold to the mix in the kitchen fixtures can add a little more energy to the space.

Shade Hex CodeCMYK Code (%)RGB Color CodeColor
Pistachio#93c57225, 0, 42, 23147, 197, 114
Sage#b2ac880, 3, 24, 30178, 172, 136
Forest Green#228b2276, 0, 76, 4534, 139, 34
Gold#f2c83b0, 17, 76, 5242, 200, 59

Green and Gold Kitchen Color Scheme


Green and Gray

Gray is a neutral color and works beautifully with many colors including green. You can go bold with colors like lime green or tone it down with more subtle combinations like mint green. Use gray as your main color and then add in green accents. To balance out the color combination, even more, add in white. You could also choose a green, with gray undertones, which has a neutral feel but brings in some color.

Shade Hex CodeCMYK Code (%)RGB Color CodeColor
Stormy Gray#b5bab63, 0, 2, 27181, 186, 182
Lime Green#32cd3276, 0, 76, 2050, 205, 50
Mint Green#98ff9840, 0, 40, 0152, 255, 152
Green-Gray#90917e1, 0, 13, 43144, 145, 126

Green and Charcoal Kitchen


Mint Green and Brown

Another warmer neutral that can work with green is brown. Softer greens can work nicely with lighter brown colors, to which you can also include other shades of brown for a more layered look. This can be achieved by also including wood surfaces from flooring to exposed ceiling beams and furniture.

Shade Hex CodeCMYK Code (%)RGB Color CodeColor
Soft Green#acd1af18, 0, 16, 18172, 209, 175
Rustic Blond#f0e2b60, 6, 24, 6240, 226, 182

Mint Green and Brown Kitchen Color Idea


Green and Pink

You might be thinking pink, is that not for girls’ bedrooms only? This used to be the case, but pink is coming into its own and is being used more daringly in other color combinations and spaces. This is a color combination that could also work in the kitchen, depending on the different tones you choose.

Pairing Green and Pink in Kitchen

When using toned down pink, it can also be paired with more subdued timber accents and goes well with gray or black for an industrial color theme. Of course, brighter shades will liven up the room nicely. Deep green and a softer dusty pink can provide more of a contemporary look, while a pale pink and green can offer a welcoming atmosphere.

Shade Hex CodeCMYK Code (%)RGB Color CodeColor
Deep Green#006242100, 0, 33, 620, 98, 66
Dusty Pink#e7bdb10, 18, 23, 9231, 189, 177


Blue Kitchen Color Ideas

Along with green, blue is another popular color that can be used in kitchens. Blue is quite versatile and a safe color to work with and creates a calming and refreshing space. Try to use lighter blue in smaller kitchens, while larger kitchen spaces can pull off darker blues. As with all kitchen paint color ideas, it is also a good idea to check the lighting in a room, before you select a shade of blue. Also, consider whether you prefer cooler or warmer undertones for the kitchen space. As we have already mentioned, when you walk into a kitchen, the cabinets are what draw your attention first, so why not add in a splash of blue color if you have a more neutral space.

Blue with Yellow and Pink Kitchen

Another idea is to use a blue backsplash or tiles on an accent wall, also in a neutral space. You can also bring in more blue from the backsplash or leave it as the focal point. Softer blue shades with a neutral background can also be used quite effectively as a color for a kitchen ceiling. This can also make the ceiling appear taller, which is perfect if you have a low-lying ceiling. You could also consider blue appliances and maybe go for patterned blue flooring.

Blue Kitchen Color Idea

Again, white comes into play as a classic color to pair with blue. You can always work with a white background and blue accents. You can also include a warmer touch, by adding wooden flooring or brass fixtures. The warm tones in the wood and brass make them stand out next to the cool blues. Besides blue and white, other colors can work nicely with softer pinks and deeper blues, or pops of yellow or orange color.

Shade Hex CodeCMYK Code (%)RGB Color CodeColor
Pale Pink#fadadd0, 13, 12, 2250, 218, 221
Navy Blue#000067100, 100, 0, 600, 0, 103
Yellow#f4ea560, 4, 65, 4244, 234, 86


Warm Color Kitchen Ideas

Warmer colors like red are said to be energizing and can also stimulate the appetite, which is perfect for a room like a kitchen. There are also many shades of red you can choose, so you do not have to stick to a bright or vibrant red, you can select a paler shade if you want.

Red Paneled Kitchen Wall

More vibrant reds can add a bit more of a burst of color if used as an accent color. Red can easily be applied to an accent wall or the cabinets or brought in with the various kitchen accessories. The darker and deeper reds can also help larger rooms feel soothing and more intimate. Again, white works perfectly with red, however, it can also go with black and green.

Orange is another warm color and is a nice choice for those living in areas that remain cool throughout the year. Not as versatile as red, orange should be used carefully, so as not to overpower a space. Softer tones of orange work best and add a more comforting mood to a room. Although, a pop of vibrant orange can also be something to consider as an accent color. If you want to go bold, you can even consider adding red and orange to your kitchen color palette.

Warm Colors with Black for Kitchen

Yellow is a cheerful color that can enhance any room. This color also helps to stimulate the appetite and can be a nice option for smaller spaces, to make them feel larger and brighter. Again, yellow goes wonderfully with white but also works with gray accents.

Shade Hex CodeCMYK Code (%)RGB Color CodeColor
Red#ff33330, 80, 80, 0255, 51, 51
Soft Orange#f5ca7b0, 18, 50, 4245, 202, 123
Yellow#ffff330, 0, 80, 0255, 255, 51



Tips for Choosing Kitchen Colors

Whenever you are choosing a color scheme for your home, whatever the room, you need to sit down and take careful consideration into your choices so that you will not regret them in the future. Understanding a little bit about how colors work together is also a good idea. On the hand, you can also get in an interior designer. However, if you are designing yourself, here are a few tips.

  • Kitchen cabinets are what you notice first, so decide if you want darker or lighter cabinets. Smaller spaces do better with lighter colors, while larger spaces can handle darker colors better.
  • If you have decided on darker cabinets, then lighter flooring would be best to open up the room and adds contrast and some variety.
  • Sticking with a neutral background is a safe option for years to come. You can then add in pops of color with various accessories, or things you can change if you do not like them.
  • Always take note of the lighting, as this can have a profound effect on the kitchen paint color ideas, especially at night with artificial lighting.
  • Stick to the main color choice, with one or more accent colors, to avoid overwhelming a space with too many color choices. It is also more challenging to balance a space with too many color options.
  • You can also add in color with fixtures, and there are quite a few choices from bronze to gold and even black.
  • Take time and learn more about cool and warm colors and a bit more about color theory.
  • When it comes to kitchen paint ideas, always take into account the undertones of the paint you choose.
  • If you love vibrant colors, do not be afraid to experiment by easily adding in items that you can change. Things like kitchen linens are a great way to add color.
  • Remember to consider any adjoining rooms and what color schemes you used. To create a balanced look, you should try and tie in these colors with the rest of the house.



There are no set rules for creating kitchen color schemes. However, following a few basic guidelines can help you choose something appropriate for the style of your house and the mood you wish create in this much-used space. There are quite a few kitchen color ideas, so we are sure you will be able to find one that best suits your personality.



Frequently Asked Questions


What Colors Work Well for Kitchens?

There are many options open to kitchen colors, however, some choices are more popular than others.  Your traditional kitchen colors tend to be neutral colors, especially white, blue, green, and warmer colors like red and yellow.


What Kitchen Colors Can Make a Room Appear Larger?

To help make a space look bigger, it is best to use lighter colors that can reflect light better. The space will also appear more open. You can use white, and bring in softer and lighter blues, greens, and yellows for color.


Should Kitchen Cabinets Be Darker Than the Flooring?

To demarcate areas better, provide balance, and create more interest and contrast, it is best to use darker cabinets and lighter flooring. This can also be used the other way around, if you have a lighter cabinet, you can then consider darker flooring.


What Finish Works Best for Kitchen Cabinets?

Matte and gloss paints both have their benefits, but a satin sheen can be considered a better choice for cabinets. This is because it is easier to clean, and it will show up grime and dirt less than other options.

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