What Colors go with Brown

What Colors Go With Brown? – Exploring Brown Complementary Colors

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Brown is not exactly the first color people jump to when thinking of their favorite color, as it is considered to be dull or unappealing. However, it is popular in color schemes and interior designs, and when combined with brown complementary colors, it can bring a new sense of energy to a room. There are many shades of brown to choose from and then you have many colors that go with brown, so how do you choose? Getting to understand your options is a good way to start, so read on to discover what colors go with brown.



Can Brown Be Warm and Cool?

Brown can be seen as a shade of orange, and the color can also be categorized as neutral, which is not found on the color wheel. As with all colors, the color bias or color temperature can play a pivotal role when deciding what works and does not work in a room. You can define warm and cool colors from where they are located on the color wheel. Warm colors are your red, orange, and yellow shades, and remind you of sunshine and heat. Cooler colors include blue, green, and purple colors and are more soothing and calming in nature. You might think a particular brown is simply brown, but when you paint a wall and you take a look at it in the light, the color might not be what you were looking for.

Interior Colors that go with Brown

This is because brown colors can be warm and cool, which all comes down to the undertone and pigment used in the paint. This is why it is best to ask questions when going to the store to buy your paint and testing out the paint before going ahead and completing an entire room. Generally, brown is seen as a warm color that can have undertones of red, yellow, and orange. These browns are best for providing a warmer feeling to a room. However, you can also get cooler browns, which have undertones of blue or purple. These can help to provide a more calming feel and work great with other cooler colors.


Bringing Brown Into the Home

The subject of colors is complex, and the color brown does not come in one simple color. There are many shades of brown, and as we have discovered, even these colors can have different tones. Understanding this information and knowing what colors go with brown, you are a step closer to creating the perfect room design.

Bright Brown Complementary Colors

When deciding on colors that go with brown, you might want to also think of what you want to achieve. This is where all your shades of brown come into play, from deeper chocolate browns to more red shades like Sienna, or lighter browns like tan. When considering a brown color palette for a room, or a neutral base from which to work, then lighter shades of brown might be best.

Also, if you have darker pieces of furniture, adding lighter accents in the room in the fabrics and paint colors can help to balance out the room.

When using a rich, dark color, it is best not to use too much of it, as it can become too dominant and may feel suffocating. Instead of bringing warmth to a room, it does the exact opposite, and may even seem a bit gloomy and uncomfortable. The best way is to layer darker and lighter brown colors to develop a more balanced look and feel. In many cases, certain shades of brown work better in different rooms, so let us quickly go over what would work best.


The Kitchen

Brown works pretty much in any room, including the kitchen. Brown colors can add a sense of warmth and comfort to the kitchen, where there is sometimes a lot of social activity. There are quite a few ways you can bring color into the kitchen, both in small and big ways. You can decide on beautiful brown wooden cupboards and floors as the main attraction or bring the color in by including it in finishes, appliances, light fixtures, curtains or chairs, and cushions.

Colors that go with Brown Kitchen


Living Area

Moving on to the living area, a place where you, family, and friends will be spending a lot of time. Again, layering of colors can help to balance the room. Create an earth-tone accent wall, and pair darker brown colors with lighter neutral colors like beige or cream, which helps make the darker brown colors stand out. Consider adding natural wooden elements such as wooden beams, paneling, or side tables. You can use brown leather sofas or use brown as an accent pillow. Softer brown colors can also be used in the curtains.

Soft Brown Complementary Colors


Dining Area

There are a variety of ways you can use brown for the dining area. Remember, this space should be inviting and comfortable, or relaxed. Earthy tones would work nicely in this case, or you can try darker browns paired with lighter colors. For example, dark brown chairs with a lighter color dining table. You can easily bring in natural wood elements and combine this with shades of green. Otherwise, consider a more rustic look with whitewashed tables and darker brown accent pieces.

Bright Colors that go with Brown



Since you can get nice warm brown shades, bedrooms are the perfect place to use them. Consider making a darker brown accent wall, with lighter shades of brown for the rest of the room. Bring in some color with various orange shades as accessories like blankets or pillows. White also always works nicely with brown, and to bring in some sophistication, consider a few gold color décor items.

Bedroom Colors that go with Brown



Again, brown can bring in a sense of warmth and sophistication in a bathroom, especially when paired with white and other neutral shades. Whatever you want to achieve, whether it is to create a space that is calming, luxurious, or bold, brown is a color you should consider.

Bathroom Brown Complementary Colors



Colors That Go With Brown

When deciding on the type of brown you want, it all depends on what feeling you are going for. Should the room be light and air or do you want something darker and cozier? Whatever choice you make, it is a good idea that when you use various color brown paints, they can be different tones but must be similar in temperature. Although, you can use warmer browns and pair these with cooler accessories or accents and vice versa.

Colors that go with brown best, are other brown-based colors, for example, a beautiful rich brown would go wonderfully with a gray-beige. White and black can also work with brown, forming a classic brown palette. Any of the neutral colors should work with brown, depending on what look you are going for.

Pairing the richer browns with lighter colors of itself and other colors can help to bring more life into a space. To really make brown stand out, try using more vibrant greens and orange colors. This also brings more energy and provides more of a stimulating feeling. Brown complementary colors like green, which is a more natural color, can also be incorporated using accessories like house plants, pillows, or used as an accent wall. While green is more of a calming color, orange is best for adding more warmth and energy.

Try pairing lighter brown colors with more vibrant shades of orange but try not to add in too much and rather include a few pops of color here and there. Darker browns, on the other hand, might work better with more muted shades of orange. Red is another color you can try alongside brown but using too many contrasting colors can become a bit tiresome. So, a good way to create more balance is to again add in accents of color. For example, placing a red rug or chair against a brown wall.

Fun Brown Complementary Colors

Blue is another color that can work with brown, and this is where you can use the cooler blue tones with warmer brown tones. You can use this color combination in most rooms by simply changing up the color combinations. For example, powder blue, white, gray, and dark brown combinations. Below are a few more colors that go with brown.

  • Yellow: Like orange, shades of yellow can work well with brown, adding more warmth to a room.
  • Copper: This is reddish-brown, which can help to tone down darker and richer brown colors, creating a more cozy feel.
  • Fuchsia: A vibrant purple-red color, fuchsia can add a colorful splash to any room as long as it is used as more of an accent color on a rug or pillows. Various purple shades can offer the same benefits. Experiment with lighter and darker shades of both purple and brown.
  • Turquoise: This offers a more feminine look when paired with brown and is a great choice for a bedroom or living space.
  • Mint: A softer shade of green that can add a nice fresh, yet sophisticated feel to a room.
  • Rose or pink: Combining a shade of brown with rose can add a feminine touch that is also luxurious and comfortable.
ShadeHex CodeCMYK Color Code (%)RGB Color CodeColor
Yellow#ffff000, 0, 100, 0255, 255, 0
Copper#b873330, 38, 72, 28184, 115, 51
Fuchsia#c154c10, 56, 0, 24193, 84, 193
Turquoise#30d5c877, 0, 6, 1648, 213, 200
Mint#3eb48966, 0, 24, 2962, 180, 137
Rose#ff007f0, 100, 50, 0255, 0, 127
Pink#ffc0cb0, 25, 20, 0255, 192, 203



Brown Color Schemes

When designing a home or business, you will need to decide on a color scheme. The easiest way to do this is to first choose a neutral color. Neutral colors include white, black, beige, gray, cream, and of course, brown. Neutral colors are quite versatile, in that they pretty much go with most other colors. Since there is such a variety of brown colors and various hues and tints, this is a great color to start with. We have already gone over some of the best colors that go with brown, now let us have a look at a few brown color palettes and schemes. These involve using at least two or more different colors.

Colors that go with Brown


Brown, Navy, and White

This is a classic look that offers a crisp, fresh, and more masculine look and feel. If you are looking for a more subdued look, rather go for something like a pale blue, beige, or white. Consider a navy couch with tan and pale blue pillows.

Use dark wood furniture as well as navy blue upholstery, together with lighter white or beige rugs for contrast and to lighten things up.

ShadeHex CodeCMYK Color Code (%) RGB Color CodeColor
Brown#6543210, 34, 67, 60101, 67, 33
Navy#000080100, 100, 0, 500, 0, 128
White#ffffff0, 0, 0, 0255, 255, 255


Brown, Pink, and Beige

Using rich brown colors with pastels can produce a wonderfully sophisticated look. These calming shades, which might seem to be childish colors, when paired with the brown, create a more dramatic effect. The brown can be brought in as furniture or fabrics, or any other accessory. You can try using all three colors, but you can mix it up by adding beige to the mix.

Light Colors that go with Brown

ShadeHex CodeCMYK Color Code (%)RGB Color CodeColor
Brown#6543210, 34, 67, 60101, 67, 33
Pale Pink#fadadd0, 13, 12, 2250, 218, 221
Pale Green#98fb9839, 0, 39, 2152, 251, 152


Brown, Teal, and Orange

Teal is a vibrant color, something that is reminiscent of sea and sky, and is a beautiful calming color to bring into a color scheme. When paired with brown, and a pop of orange color, it produces some nice contrast. For example, a room that contains some brown furniture can do with a teal rug, or a softer teal wall color.

Of course, there are many shades of all of these colors, some will be bolder, while others are more subdued.

ShadeHex CodeCMYK Color Code (%)RGB Color CodeColor
Brown#6543210, 34, 67, 60101, 67, 33
Teal#008080100, 0, 0, 500, 128, 128
Orange#ffa5000, 35, 100, 0255, 165, 0


Brown, Red, and White

When pairing bold colors like red, it is always best to consider the proportions of each color. Various shades of red and brown do complement each other and create a warm and cozy vibe. Adding colors like white can tone down the red, while darker tones can produce a different type of atmosphere. Colors such as caramel and copper look great when paired with red as it brings out the warm undertones.

Colors that go with Brown Livingroom

ShadeHex CodeCMYK Color Code (%)RGB Color CodeColor
Brown#6543210, 34, 67, 60101, 67, 33
Red#ff00000, 100, 100, 0255, 0, 0


As you can see, brown can be used in every room in the home and there is no limit to the color combinations. The main thing to remember is to use correct colors proportions, which should lead to a more balanced color palette. However, feel free to experiment with colors, you might find an amazing color combination others have never even thought of.



Frequently Asked Questions


What Colors Go With Brown?

Brown is considered a neutral color, so it pairs really well with other neutral colors like white, black, cream, tan, and beige. To add contrast, brown also goes well with various shades of blue. Other colors that go with brown include different shades of green, orange, yellow, gold, red, and purple.


Does Gray Work With Brown Colors?

Yes, gray, and brown work well together as they are both neutral colors. Just make sure that you consider the tone of each color you choose, as brown would pair better with a warm-tones gray. Also, pair these colors with something like teal to add a pop of color to the room.


What Are Brown Complementary Colors?

As a color, brown does not really appear on a color wheel and is seen more as an orange shade. Therefore, brown complementary colors are mainly shades of blue. If you have a warmer brown, choose a green-blue, or if you have a cooler brown, go for lighter blue colors.


How Can You Brighten a Brown Room?

You can include color by adding in paintings or wall art. You can also include accessories like table lamps or vases that are lighter in color. Use colorful pillows or a lighter shade curtain material. If you have dark furniture, consider lighter gray walls and cream accents.

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