What Colors Go with Gray

What Colors Go With Gray? – How to Pair Colors with Neutrals

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Since gray is one of your neutral colors, it is quite popular and versatile when used for decorating a home. Gray can easily blend into the background and is suitable for most design styles. However, gray does need something to make it more interesting and this is where colors that go with gray can come into play.



How to Determine the Best Gray Color Schemes

When dealing with colors, the best way to find out what colors work well together is to look at a color wheel. However, unlike your primary and secondary colors, gray cannot be found on the color wheel, which is the same as black and white, which do not have any chroma or hue. You do not technically get a gray color scheme, but since gray goes with most colors, these are what form your color scheme.

  • Tone: A tone is created when gray is added to a color
  • Chroma: Color saturation or intensity
  • Hue: This is your pure color
  • Tints and Shades: Created by adding white or black

Color Tints Tones and Shades for Gray

Bright colors, that have a high saturation or chroma, are the colors that stand out the most when paired with gray. Pairing gray with other neutrals provides a more subdued and relaxed look and feel. A room that has a lot of grays might appear too boring and requires some brighter colors to liven things up. On the other hand, gray can also be used to tone down a room with more vibrant colors, to avoid overwhelming the senses.

Yellow and Gray Work Well Together

Since gray is a blend of black and white, you can get gray options that contain more white or those that contain more black, and then everything that can be found in-between. Then you have colors that have strong tones, which simply means you have a color that has gray added into the mix, which then dominates the color.

Colors Can Affect How Gray Appears

This is where you can start hearing things like cool gray, warm gray, and undertones. Warmer gray colors will have undertones of yellow, orange, or red, while the cooler gray colors have an undertone of green, purple, or blue. The color is what imparts the characteristics of the gray color. When deciding on a gray color, you should first choose the color tone you want.

Gray with Browns and Black

Colors that go with gray are every other color, however, the key to a gray color palette is in matching the tone. Since gray is not found on the color wheel, there is no gray complementary color. However, if you know what the tone of a particular gray is, you can then determine the gray complementary color. For example, a gray with an undertone of blue, the color that will complement gray will be a gray with an orange undertone.

Shade Hex CodeCMYK Color Code (%)RGB Color CodeColor
Gray-Blue#b9bccc9, 8, 0, 20185, 188, 204
Gray-Orange#a3978c0, 7, 14, 36163, 151, 140

Also, when choosing a color to complement gray, the undertone should be taken into account. Warm-toned gray colors work best with warm colors, for example, burnt orange or yellow. Cooler grays will work well with colors like navy blue or sage green. However, you can also choose gray color schemes that have cool and warmer color combinations, if you select the proper color hues.

Shade Hex CodeCMYK Color Code (%)RGB Color CodeColor
Gray-Orange#a3978c0, 7, 14, 36163, 151, 140
Burnt Orange#ff6a000, 58, 100, 0255, 106, 0
Gray-Blue#b9bccc9, 8, 0, 20185, 188, 204
Navy Blue#0000b3100, 100, 0, 300, 0, 179



Best Color Combination With Gray

What colors go with gray? As we have mentioned, it is best to match similar gray tones and colors. For example, warm grays work best with warm colors. Gray is an ideal neutral color as it helps to tone down more vibrant hues and can help to balance gray color schemes, and it is very difficult to go wrong.

Graphic Effect of Gray and Orange

The best color combination with gray all depends on the selection of paint colors. So, if you are unsure about the undertone of gray color paint, it is best to always ask or look at the description if you are purchasing online.

Gray with Green and Neutrals

Gray is wonderful to work with as it goes with most colors, and you can use it in most applications from painting walls or roofs and using it on floors to incorporating it into the furniture, textiles, and accessories in a room. The only thing to consider is not to overdo the gray, as it can become a bit gloomy and dull. However, to avoid this, you can layer different shades of gray color from dark charcoal to silver.

Different Shades of Gray

The best color combination with gray includes using more vibrant accent colors for gray and adding various textures and patterns to add more depth.  Just as gray can be added to the furniture and other accessories, when you have gray walls, color can be added to cushions, throws, art, and even things like indoor plants and vases.

Gray with Pinks and White

Just remember, that if you have chosen a gray color for the walls and a bright-colored couch, the couch becomes a focal point. You can then include more subtle accent colors for gray in things like a throw or vase. You can also bring in shades of your accent colors for gray, instead of sticking to a single color. So, what colors go with gray?


Gray and Pink

Pink is one of those colors that go with light gray and dark gray, as it is the perfect color to warm up gray tones. You can go for a more subtle pink or try something more daring. The softer pinks and grays look more neutral, and you can bring in other colors like black or another shade of red to create a different feel. Darker shades of gray can bring in a more contemporary look or try incorporating a few different shades of gray for a less flat look. In general, pink, and gray color schemes are comfortable and welcoming.

Shade Hex CodeCMYK Color Code (%)RGB Color CodeColor
French Linen#c4c0b80, 2, 6, 23196, 192, 184
Dusty Pink#e8c7c80, 23, 30, 12225, 173, 157

Using Pinks with Gray


Gray and Neutrals

Gray itself is considered a neutral color, so it should, therefore, go with neutral colors. Many of the more popular gray colors have cooler undertones, so pairing them with beige, or cream can create an interesting and sophisticated look. However, you also get warmer tones like greige, which has a strong beige undertone, although it can become a cooler neutral if there is more emphasis on the gray.

Neutrals Go with Gray

Different shades of black and gray with similar tones can work wonderfully together and are a classic combination that can create a calming feel in any room. White is another popular neutral color that works with gray and can be included in a gray color palette that also contains more vibrant colors. You can also have various shades of gray and white, taking note that white can also have undertones.

Shade Hex CodeCMYK Color Code (%)RGB Color CodeColor
Greige#ccc2ba0, 5, 9, 20204, 194, 186
Warm White#efebd80, 2, 10, 6239, 235, 216
Shade of Black#2626260, 0, 0, 8538, 38, 38

Greige with Black and White


Gray and Yellow

Yellow is a bold and happy color but using too much can become overwhelming. This is where gray can come in and help tone down the vibrancy of yellow. Yellow, in turn, can warm up a cool gray tone. You can use your desired shade of yellow from a bright yellow to a soft yellow pastel. You could experiment with the amount of yellow, but sometimes less is better. So, adding in a splash of yellow here and there can work beautifully. For example, a gray couch and yellow cushions.

Shade Hex CodeCMYK Color Code (%)RGB Color CodeColor
Ash Gray#b2beb56, 0, 5, 25178, 190, 181
Pineapple Yellow#e6ae250, 0, 70, 0255, 255, 77

Combining Yellow and Gray


Green and Gray

Green is a good color to choose if you wish to keep the look you are going for more natural. Sage green, in particular, has become quite popular over the years, adding its calming, yet refreshing presence. Light green varieties are colors that go with light gray and work nicely in an environment like the kitchen. However, you can also experiment with darker grays and deeper green colors. The best combination is pairing the cool mid-tone gray, with cool green colors like pistachio or light olive.

Shade Hex CodeCMYK Color Code (%)RGB Color CodeColor
Light Gray#d3d3d30, 0, 0, 17211, 211, 211
Sage Green#b2ac880, 3, 24, 30178, 172, 136
Mid-Tone Gray#9a9a9a0, 0, 0, 40154, 154, 154
Pistachio#93c57225, 0, 42, 23147, 197, 114

Restful Effect of Green and Gray


Gray and Blue

All shades of blue are popular and work well with all shades of gray from your softer options to the more dramatic dark or charcoal grays. You can get your lighter shades of blue paired with your darker gray like charcoal or take navy blue and pair it with softer blue options.

Blue and Gray Bathroom Design

You could also experiment with shades of gray and blue, or add in a little color, like a splash of yellow using cushioned, a vase, or patterned rugs, to bring in some warmth. White is also another great option to include with gray color schemes. You can go for a dark blue living area with gray sofas or change it around with a gray background and blue couches.

Shade Hex CodeCMYK Color Code (%)RGB Color CodeColor
Light Gray#d3d3d30, 0, 0, 17211, 211, 211
Navy Blue#0000b3100, 100, 0, 300, 0, 179
Charcoal#36454f32, 13, 0, 6954, 69, 79
Glaucous#6082b647, 29, 0, 2996, 130, 182

Blue Works Well with Gray


Gray and Orange or Brown

Just like yellow, orange can also bring in some color and warmth when paired with gray. Again, there are many shades of orange you can try, so you can go with a vibrant or more subtle choice. Charcoal and tangerine make a modern combination. Orange can work as part of your accent colors for gray, for example, paint a wall a shade of orange, with gray couches and other elements. You can also have a gray background and bring in orange more subtly, for example, cushions, throws, artwork, and lampshades.

Combine Gray with Orange

Do gray and brown go together? Brown can be considered a darker shade of orange and it is a neutral color, so yes it can go with orange. This color combination creates a more subtle effect and is easy on the eyes. Both these colors also work well with many other colors, so you can create a gray color palette that suits your needs. This is where wooden floors and furniture can come into the mixture, for a more sophisticated look. Try to aim for similar undertones and layer colors to create a more balanced look.

Shade Hex CodeCMYK Color Code (%)RGB Color CodeColor
Charcoal#36454f32, 13, 0, 6954, 69, 79
Tangerine#f285000, 45, 100, 5242, 133, 0
Spanish Gray#9999990, 0, 0, 40153, 153, 153
Cologne Earth Brown#5d48270, 23, 58, 6493, 72, 39

Pair Gray with Natural Materials



Tips for Using a Gray Color Palette

Gray color schemes are easy to work with, however, there are a few things to know, which could help you make better choices. You need to learn that there are many different shades of gray, not just one. You might think of gray as being cold and dull, but there is an abundance of gray hues you can experiment with. Below you will find some tips to help you along the way.

  • If you are looking for a versatile gray that is a little warmer than your average gray color, then greige might be the color you are looking for. Greige has a hint of beige and is easy to work with.
  • Gain an understanding of color tones, as this will help you to identify color temperature and to choose the proper gray for your particular setting. This will make choosing a complementary gray color palette easier and creates a more cohesive look.
  • Gray not only makes a good background color but works great as an accent color as well. If you do not want to paint an entire room gray, simply bring in the color using accessories like cushions, a coffee table, or a rug.
  • You can substitute certain colors for gray, for example, select a darker shade of gray instead of black or dark blue, which might appear too intense.
  • Remember, gray is a neutral color and that it is the undertone that can make or break gray color schemes.
  • Have fun and try to experiment, there are many designs you can come up with. Gray might be considered neutral, but that does not mean you have to stick to this particular color palette. Bring in textures, patterns, and colors that suit your personality.
  • Gray does not have to be wall paint or accessories, you can also consider things like countertops, carpeting, front doors, or the exterior to a fireplace. You can also incorporate gray in weathered wood objects, marble, as well as concrete.



Ultimately, the gray color palette you choose is up to your likes and what you need for a particular room. Gray is versatile and there are many colors that go with gray, so it is one of the easier color choices. However, what gray you choose still needs to be taken into consideration. There are many shades of gray with unique undertones that can help you transform a room into what you have always wanted.



Frequently Asked Questions


What Colors Go With Gray?

Gray is a neutral color, and as such, it is also a versatile color that pairs well with any other color. However, the gray tone is what you need to look out for, as this is what you need to discover so that you can pair colors properly. A gray undertone can either be warm, for example, have an undertone of orange or yellow, or a gray can be cool, with an undertone of blue or green.


Do Gray and Brown Go Together?

Gray and brown are both neutral colors and can work together beautifully. Brown is considered more of a darker shade of orange, so is considered a warm color. The best combination with brown would then be a gray with a warm undertone, like greige.


What Is a Gray Complementary Color?

Gray is a neutral color and cannot be found on the color wheel. However, there are various tones of gray, so depending on the undertone, you can discover the complementing gray color. For example, yellow and purple are complementary colors.

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