What is a Trundle Bed

What Is a Trundle Bed? – Our Pull-Out Guest Bed Guide

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Do you get many visitors who stay over at your home? Maybe your teenager wants their friends to come over for a pajama party? So, where does everybody sleep? The solution is to have one or more trundle beds in your home and there will be sufficient sleeping space for everyone. What is a trundle bed you may ask? We will be delving into this question and learning all about trundle beds and how they work.



Are Daybeds and Trundle Beds Similar?

We are first going to start by explaining what a daybed is. A daybed is a bed that has a frame much like a sofa and has three sides similar to a regular bed. However, the difference is a regular bed normally stands with the headboard against the wall, while a daybed stands with its length against the wall, like a sofa.

Daybed in Kids Room

A daybed also has a mattress similar to a regular bed, but takes up a lot less space and may also include a trundle bed; however, a regular bed with a pull-out bed underneath can only work if there is sufficient space for the trundle.

What is a Daybed

The daybed does not have to be confined to the bedroom but can fit in any room of your home. The daybed can be used for sleeping, but it can also be great for just sitting or lounging on. For kid’s rooms, it is an ideal choice, especially if it has a trundle bed as it saves a lot of space, giving them more room for playing.


What Is a Trundle Bed?

The word trundle was first used to describe small wheels that can hold up a heavyweight. Standardization of bedrooms was first practiced in medieval times, when they had a bed with a pull-out bed underneath, making it the first trundle bed. This principle was often utilized in the maids or servants’ quarters to save space. The first trundle bed was made in the 16th century and was manufactured from oak wood, and the mattress covering was made using leather.

Antique Style Trundle Mattress

A trundle bed is lower than your average bed and is mounted on castors or wheels. This can then be stored under the bed frame of a bed or daybed. This means that it can be stored during the day, and you can pull it out during the night when you want to go to sleep. This design of bed helps to maximize floor space, giving you a lot more space in the room during the day for all your activities, while also providing extra sleeping space at night.

Conventional Bed with Trundle

There are different styles of trundle beds as some of them are very low to the ground, while others pop up and can be just as high as the daybed. Trundle beds are used mainly by children when they have sleepovers with their friends, or when two children are sharing a bedroom. Some trundle beds are designed with drawers and shelves to give you more storage space for your linen or other items.

Trundle Bed with Storage

A trundle bed also needs its own mattress, and because it is stored underneath the daybed, you have limitations on the size of mattresses. The thickness of a trundle bed mattress is usually between six and eight inches, but some trundle bed mattresses can be as little as four inches thick. The mattress for the top of the daybed has few limitations and can be any type and as thick as you want it to be.

The main purpose of a trundle bed is to save space and to provide extra sleeping accommodation for more than one person. So, if you constantly have overnight guests or if your kids often have friends sleeping over, then it may be a good idea to purchase a trundle bed.

Trundle Beds for Guests


Pros and Cons of Trundle Beds

Trundle beds can save you money in the long run if you need another bed in your room, and you do not want to buy a separate bed that will take up even more space. Just bear in mind that the top part of the trundle bed is normally higher than a regular bed, which is to make provision for the extra pull-out bed. The trundle bed is also much lower to the ground when pulled out, making it difficult to get up and off.

The person sleeping on the top mattress may find it difficult to get out of the bed without waking the person sleeping on the trundle bed. Also, trundle beds do not have a locking mechanism to keep the trundle in place. Here are a few more pros and cons of trundle beds, which may help you to make up your mind if you want to purchase one.

  • You can save space
  • You can lift some to normal bed height
  • Easy to use
  • Two beds in one
  • Versatile – can be used as a double bed with a trundle, or a sofa
  • Save money
  • Most are comfortable
  • Need a special mattress
  • The beds can be difficult to assemble
  • The mattress does not get any ventilation
  • Can be more expensive than ordinary beds
  • Can only support around 250 pounds
  • The thinner mattress may be uncomfortable
  • Low to the ground


Why Should You Purchase a Trundle Bed?

You do not need to have a special reason for buying a trundle, but there are certain situations where a trundle bed can be of great value. In many cases, it is simply a personal preference, however, let us look at some of these situations.

  • If you need another bed in your child’s room but do not have the space for an extra bed.
  • You do not have extra rooms, but you still need extra sleeping space for visitors.
  • You like trundle beds and how they look.

Home Office with Trundle Bed

Although there are some advantages to buying a trundle bed, there are also one or two reasons why buying a trundle bed is not a good idea. Maybe you do not want the trouble of going out and finding a mattress that is suitable for your trundle bed? Also, if you live in a very humid area and the mattress needs ventilation when it is stored underneath the day bed, it will not get any air and can cause bacteria to grow on the mattress.

Cleaning Trundle Bed Mattress


Typical Sizes for Trundle Beds

The three most common sizes are twin, twin extra-large, and full size. If you are furnishing a small child’s bedroom, then kids’ trundle beds with standard-sized twin beds equipped with a twin trundle bed will be perfect. However, if you are furnishing your guest bedroom, which will house children and adults, then a queen-sized bed equipped with a twin trundle bed will be more appropriate.

Bunkbed with Double Trundle

If you are furnishing your main bedroom, then a double bed with a trundle will work better. When furnishing your studio where space may be a problem, then a captain’s bed equipped with a trundle bed is ideal as you will have some added storage space.


Which Types of Mattresses Are Best for Trundle Beds?

Just like any regular bed, you need to have a mattress that is of good quality and also has the right firmness, not too soft and not too hard. This also applies to the mattress for a trundle bed, and although mattress preferences will vary from one person to another, you want to make sure your guests, and your children, sleep in a comfortable bed.

Choosing Mattress for Trundle Bed

Trundle beds can vary in size from twin to queen, so you need to buy a mattress that will suit that size. However, you need to be sure the mattress you buy is not too high, which will make it impossible to fit under the daybed. The top of the daybed usually has a mattress that is eight to ten inches thick, while the trundle mattress is four to six inches thick and not thicker than eight inches.



Types of Trundle Beds

Some trundle beds are designed as a full unit, which means it has a daybed with a trundle bed underneath, and the bed is supplied with a larger frame together with a trundle frame and a mattress to fit. Another design for a trundle bed is that they are sold separately from the bed and the frame fits underneath the bed and may or may not be supplied with a mattress. If you are going to purchase this design of a trundle bed, you need to ensure you have measured the space under the bed and it can take a trundle bed frame.

Integrated Trundle Bed Design

Some trundle beds referred to as roll-out trundle beds are designed to stay close to the ground, while others like the pop-up trundle beds can pop up to the same height as the normal bed. All trundle beds are not the same as they are not all made with the same quality and are not all as durable and comfortable.



A daybed is a bed frame that has three sides, very similar to a couch, and just like a sofa or couch, it is usually placed lengthwise along the wall. During the day it can be used in your living room as a couch, and at night you just add some pillows and bedding, and you are ready to sleep. What is a daybed with a trundle? When a daybed has a trundle bed that fits underneath it, and this can be rolled out when you need it. You can then have double the sleeping space available for two or three people.

Daybed with Trundle

This design of  a trundle bed saves a lot of space as it is hidden under the daybed until you want to use it. Daybeds are usually made in twin sizes, but they can also be found in full or queen sizes as well. So, you can get a regular daybed without a trundle, or you can have a daybed with a trundle. We hope this answers the question of what is a daybed with a trundle?


Captain Beds

A captain bed is a frame bed that makes provision for shelves and storage space in the headboard, or in the trundle frame. This makes it ideal for kids’ trundle beds, small apartments, and studios. Just like daybeds, not all captain beds include a trundle bed, but when they do, the mattress is found to be quite high off the ground to make provision for the trundle. The captain beds come in twin, full, and often also queen sizes. The twin size is ideal for kids’ trundle beds.

Space-Saving Captain Bed Design


Bunk Beds

The bunk bed offers you the most space-effective option, as this normally sleeps two people. However, if it also has a trundle bed, then it can sleep three people comfortably. Bunk beds are ideal for kid’s rooms as they save a lot of space, and with kids’ trundle beds, these are perfect for sleepovers. The size of a bunk bed is usually a single mattress size, but some have a twin-sized top bunk, which also includes double trundle beds or twin-size beds at the bottom.


Sleigh Beds

A sleigh bed is equipped with a headboard as well as a footboard, just like an ordinary bed, but the head and footboard curl out resembling a sleigh. Since a sleigh bed has a taller bed frame, it is very easy to turn it into a trundle bed, however, some of them already have a bed with a pull-out bed underneath.

Sleigh Bed Design


Are Roll-Out Trundle Beds Comfortable?

If you intend to invest in a trundle bed, then you will want to know if they are comfortable to sleep in or not. Trundle beds are very comfortable for young kids and teenagers, but an adult may only be able to tolerate them for two or three nights. So, if you intend to put adult guests up for a week or more, then it may be a good idea to invest in a smaller daybed only, which you can place in your guest room or office.

Trundle Beds are Comfortable for Children

Since the trundle bed is much lower to the ground, it may prove to be difficult for adults to get down and up, and because the mattresses are a lot thinner, it may cause some back pains. However, it is an option that is more comfortable when compared to an air bed or a couch. Let us now consider some aspects of comfort for a roll-out trundle bed a little further.

  • The trundle bed mattress is full or twin size, which means the double trundle bed provides ample space for an adult to spread fully out and feel comfortable.
  • You need to buy a fairly firm mattress, so your guests will not sag into it and feel uncomfortable. Latex foam mattresses are ideal for trundle beds.
  • The trundle bed is designed to support 250 pounds, while the daybed can support 400 pounds, giving you a more comfortable and stress-free night’s sleep.
  • When you pull out the trundle, you need to ensure you pull it out all the way, because if it is too close to the daybed, the adult person will not be able to turn or roll over properly.
  • Make sure you buy a comfortable latex foam mattress. Also, it is a good idea to have a thin feather topper, giving you more support and softness.
  • Make sure you lock the wheels or casters on the trundle bed, to ensure it does not move around during the night when you roll over.

Lockable Trundle Bed Casters


Are Pop-Up Trundle Beds Comfortable?

Very much like the roll-out trundle beds, the pop-up trundle beds can provide you with some additional sleeping space without taking up any more space in your room. However, the pop-up trundle beds can be lifted just as high as the parent daybed, which can then give you a larger bed size, making it a lot more comfortable than the roll-out trundle bed. The pop-up trundle beds are also easy to assemble, store and set up, and there are many types of pop-up trundle beds. Let us now consider some of the comfort aspects of a pop-up trundle bed a little further.

  • The pop-up trundle bed mattress collects less mold than the futon mattress, as it has fewer crevices.
  • The pop-up trundle bed can be made from wood or metal, making it strong and durable, and is also able to support any weight that is put onto it.
  • It is very easy to pop up, which means that it will only take one person to get it set up.
  • Make sure you buy a pop-up trundle bed that has locking casters or wheels. This is to stop the bed from separating during the night.

Choose Easy to Pop-Up Bed



Is There an Alternative to a Trundle Bed?

You may be wondering if some other types of beds can also be suitable for use in confined or small places, so are there any other options available to use instead of a trundle bed? Let us consider some of these alternatives for trundle beds.

  • There is an air mattress that folds up small enough to store and is not expensive, but it is not very durable or comfortable.
  • A sofa bed is a couch that has a mattress stored in the frame, and during the day you can use it as a couch, but at night you can pull out the bed for sleeping, but it is also not very comfortable as the mattresses are normally very thin.
  • There is the futon, which serves as a couch during the day that can then fold out at night to form a bed.
  • A murphy bed, or wall bed, has a frame and mattress that is stored vertically against a wall or in a cupboard and is pulled down for sleeping. This bed is just as comfortable as a trundle bed.
  • Loft beds are very similar to bunk beds, but they only have a top bunk. In place of the lower bunk, you can put a couch or even a desk.
  • Rollaway beds are beds that have a metal frame with wheels and can be folded up when you are not using them. These types of beds are usually used in hotels and are designed for storage and transport.



What Are Some Average Prices for Trundle Beds?

A trundle bed will cost you more than an ordinary bed, so you may be asking if it is worth buying a trundle bed. In most cases, it is worth the investment as you are getting two beds in one, and you can save space in your room. Below are a few prices for various trundle bed options. These prices are just approximations and may not be the same everywhere else, and may change at any given time.

Type of Trundle BedCost
Daybed, twin size, with roll-out trundle$ 201
Daybed, full size, with twin size roll-out trundle$ 327
Daybed with pop up trundle$ 290
Bunk bed, full size with trundle$ 540
Bunk bed, twin size with trundle$ 297
Captain bed, twin size, with trundle and storage drawers$ 302
Sleigh bed, full size, with twin size trundle$ 428
Trundle bed frame, roll-out, twin size$ 90
Trundle bed frame, pop-up, twin size$ 337



Trundle beds are very convenient and useful for visiting guests as well as for your children. So, instead of buying new furniture for your guest room, why not invest in a trundle bed. Remember that some of the trundle beds can also be used as a sofa or couch in your sitting room, and some of them come with a lot of extra packing space. A trundle bed is very economical, as well as a great space saver.



Frequently Asked Questions


Are Trundle Beds Uncomfortable?

The comfort of a trundle bed depends largely on the type of mattress it has, but they do have fairly thin mattresses, which are best suited for children or people who do not suffer from back problems. Trundle beds are perfect for short-term use, in place of a regular bed.


Can a Trundle Bed Work With Any Type of Bed?

Trundle bed frames can be purchased separately and can be used with any bed type bed as a pull-out bed underneath. This can be done as long as there is enough space between the bed and the trundle bed mattress, which is normally around 16 inches from the floor.


Can You Roll a Trundle Bed Over a Carpeted Floor?

A carpeted floor is ideal for a trundle bed, as it keeps the bed in place without moving around, especially if the trundle bed has no lock for its wheels. You may find it a little more difficult to pull it out on a floor with a carpet, but many trundle beds are equipped with handles for easier movement.


What Are Double Trundle Beds?

Double trundle beds are ordinary double-sized beds that have a double-sized trundle bed underneath, which is perfect as it can offer you the space of a double bed as well as another double bed, which is the trundle bed.

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